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Special Offer Any order of $75 or more (not including shipping)will also get a free copy of the CD, Trombone And...

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Tuning Drone Melodies

Bass Clef - $25
Treble Clef - $25

CD Recording: Trombone And...

Trombone And.. - $12

Lip Slur Melodies

Lip Slur Melodies - $25


Trombone Craft

Trombone Craft - $35
Bass Trombone Craft - $35

Simply Singing for Winds

Medium Bass Clef
Trombone, Euphonium - $20
Low Bass Clef
Tuba, Bass Trombone - $20
Medium Treble Clef
Trumpet, Clarinet - $20
Low Treble Clef
Horn - $20
High Treble Clef
Flute, Oboe, Sax - $20

Lip Slurs: Progressive Exercises for the Development of Tone and Technique

Lip Slurs - $18

Introductory Studies in Tenor and Alto Clef: "Before Blazhevich"

Clef Studies - $15

Five American Folk Song Sketches for Horn and Trombone (pdf file)

Folk Song Sketches - $15

Memories of the Spirit (3 bass trombone soloists with trombone choir) (pdf file)

Memories of the Spirit - $10

Shipping Rates

Currently I ship using USPS Flat Rate shipping for most orders. I may use UPS for larger orders.

United States domestic Shipping fees:
1-2 books ... $6
3 -9 books ... $13 (total)
10 or more books ... Free Shipping!

International shipping fees (Canada rates may be lower):
1-2 books ...$25 USD
3-4 books...$50 USD
5-6 books...$75 USD